I, like many people, suffer from occasional migraines that are sometimes bad enough that I miss work. Not long ago I had to miss two days due to my pounding head (the fact that workmen were in the house replacing a window on the first day didn’t help matters.)

When I returned to work one of my coirkers told me that I should try the “wondrous” headache cure she had found. After scurrying off to her office, she brought me what appeared to be a giant tube of lip gloss.

It was HeadOn.

Apply directly to … you know the rest.

For those who don’t have a television and therefore missed the annoying ads, HeadOn is a homeopathic  “remedy” that  you apply directly to your forehead and it will magically erase your headache. You can receive the same miracle cure by rubbing a candle on your face. I didn’t know they still made this stuff, let alone anyone actually used it.  When I told her I didn’t want to use it, she started telling me how wonderful the “herbal remedy” was and so forth. I declined again as politely as possible. I think I’ll stick with aspirin.