This is a rather amusing (or icky, depending on your point of view) little story.

Fearless has a problem with … “hitchhikers” on her hindquarters. I usually solve this problem through a combination of combing and regular bathing, which is oh-so-much fun for the both of us. I had an idea once to trim the hair to make it easier for the both of us. To this end I bought a cheap beard trimmer online to help thin out the area.

A Brazilian was out of the question.

It didn’t work; Fearless’ butt-fur is apparently much thicker than a normal man’s beard, because it clogged up constantly. Coupled with the buzzing noise, which freaked Fearless out, it was a no-win situation. Since I hadn’t spent all that much, I just cleaned all the fur out and tossed the clipper in the donation box.

Fast-forward to the day when we take our stuff to donate. As I was getting back into the van, I saw the guy who had been helping us empty out the van poke through one of the boxes we had just unload,  pick the clipper out, and lay it aside. I started giggling, which prompted MotherDearest to ask me what was so funny. (I told her.)