So I’m a fairly regular commenter over on YSaC, where they have this meme that reaches way back to the early days of the site that deals with folks on CraigsList selling things with tigers on them and calling them lions. I posted about this same meme back around Christmas time, when I made a stuffed Not. A. Lion. for a swap.

Still adorable.

While scouting around on CraigsList, I will periodically search for lions in the hopes that I will spot a NAL, but have not had much luck.

Until earlier this week. That’s right, after much stalking of the Intertubez I have bagged my first NAL! It’s an orange trash can with a striped top shaped like a kitty’s head, probably meant for a kid’s room. I immediately sent a link to the Llamanun and Ostrimu, who run YSaC. I hope they see fit to add it to their next round-up of NALs.