I was going through my blog email box, deleting the dozens upon dozens of spams I get, when I decided to share one.

Hola !
I have seen your personal image on Facebook. I’m keen on you a lot. Let us communicate !
I can send you my image as well if you want…

Love and kisses,

The thing is, I don’t have a Facebook page for my blog. I do have a personal one, which I mostly use to chat with my YSaC friends and the Librarians, but the avatar for that is an image from one of the Bloggess’ posts.


I love this, in so many ways.

If “clementine” (or “ludmillahotsexy” if her email address is to believed) somehow stumbled upon my FB page, I’m flattered that s/he is now “keen” on me, but I think it’s best that we just stay cyberstrangers. However, if you would like to send me an image, clemetine/ludmillahotsexy, please make it something cute but family-friendly – a hedgehog dipped in chocolate, perhaps.

That’ll do, Google.