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I’ve been in negotiations regarding the purchase of a townhome {AHHH!} that is incredibly close to [ghostbank] – only two and a half miles. Today, Friday, I’m meeting the inspector and my agent to look things over and make sure the place isn’t going to dissolve in the first heavy rain.

While it may be hard to tell, I am extremely cautious when it comes to money. I prefer the term “thrifty” but “tightwad”, “skinflint” and “cheap-ass woman” would work equally as well. The approach of the inspection, which I view as a sort of Point of No Return since any potentially deal-breaking problems will come to light, has triggered a few minor panic attacks. While I cringe at the expense of an inspection, I’d rather pay him now than spend ten to a hundred times his fee on some clusterfuck issue that crops up in a couple of months.

But you can imagine that I’m a bit tense right now.


Really, Google? This is what you think best represents “tense”?



I seriously planned on writing a witty and/or interesting post, but I attacked by aliens and abducted by pirates. Or I just got distracted by a picture of a Chinese snub-nosed golden monkey.

Is it weird that it reminds me of Fearless?

I Often Wonder…

What happens to glassblowers when they get the hiccups? Can they clain a glass of water as a medical expense, or a visit to a haunted house as a required medical expense?

Dumb Ways To Die

GhostSister showed me this little video at Thanksgiving, it’s super-cute and teaches a lesson! It’s also catchy as hell, so be prepared to walk around singing it to yourself (as the Things were doing at Thanksgiving)and getting odd looks from the normals.

Best Grandfather Ever

While browsing around on Pinterest, I came across a picture that puzzled me at first.

That girl looks … different.

According to the story on the original site, this is the 72-year-old grandfather of one of the owners of a site that sells women’s clothing. Not only does he look kick-ass fabulous in those coats, I am very jealous of his legs.

More Hats!

How fabulous would it be if everyone walked around in ginormous hats all the time? Movies would be problematic, but there’s always Netflix.

 Mary Gullick, Zoe Gullick, Marjory Gullick, Chloe Gullick - outside Altoncourt, Killara? c.1909 from Gullick family, c.1909-1922 / photographed by William Applegate Gullick


Vera Ellen Thanksgiving

I do believe she’s doing it wrong – you’re suppose to cook the bird first.

Quote Time!

Happy Black Friday, everyone! While I shall not be battling the crowds seeking bargains, I wish good luck to those who do so. I shall leave you with one of my favorite Tolkien quotes.


I love this quote.

Happy Turkey Day!

Not this one;

This one.

Or as they say in America’s Hat, “Bonne Jeudi!


A well-rested cat is a prepared cat.