My little furry darlings are eating machines; Simon is especially vigilant in making sure I know when their food bowl is empty. (To him, “empty” means he can see a postage-stamp-sized portion of the bottom of the bowl surrounded by food.) As well as their regular dry food, they get a small amount of wet food in the morning and treats a couple of times a day.

Anyone who has bought cat treats knows that the things cost a ton; a three ounce container can cost about three dollars, more if you go for the super-fancy holistic all-natural what-have-you kind. My fuzzy piranhas can tear through a bag in no time at all, sometimes quite literally. (Fearless and Firefly would probably knaw through a cinderblock wall if they though there was a treat on the other side.) If you could buy them in bulk, a five pound bag would run you around eighty dollars. That’s a lot of money for what amounts to cat candy.

Enter the brilliant GhostDad, who came up with a rather inventive solution. Rather than buying large amounts of treats at a dollar an ounce, he purchased a bag of Fancy Feast dry food and started using that as treats. The cost? About twelve cents per ounce. (I use more “expensive” treats, mine cost a whopping seveneen and a half cents per ounce.)

Just a word of advice – do not store your box of cat food with your cereal. You might (hypothetically) pour yourself a bowl while stumbling around without your glasses. (FYI, they do not taste nearly as good as the cats would have you believe.)

Since Fearless can tear through a cardboard box like it was made of, well, cardboard, a small amount of treat-food goes in a smaller container. (This one held gum at one point) this will also produce the irresistible “rattle” cats love.

I love you, human with opposable thumbs. I shall now rub my face against this random object, that just happens to be full of tasty noms, for no reason. 

Do the cats care? Not one bit. The only difference is that the pieces are much smaller than a treat, so giving them to the cats can be tricky if you try to give them one by one. GD came up with a solution for this as well, he puts a few on the floor and saves himself from getting accidentally nipped.

This trick would likely work with dogs as well, but I don’t have one so I can’t say for sure.