I’ve been in negotiations regarding the purchase of a townhome {AHHH!} that is incredibly close to [ghostbank] – only two and a half miles. Today, Friday, I’m meeting the inspector and my agent to look things over and make sure the place isn’t going to dissolve in the first heavy rain.

While it may be hard to tell, I am extremely cautious when it comes to money. I prefer the term “thrifty” but “tightwad”, “skinflint” and “cheap-ass woman” would work equally as well. The approach of the inspection, which I view as a sort of Point of No Return since any potentially deal-breaking problems will come to light, has triggered a few minor panic attacks. While I cringe at the expense of an inspection, I’d rather pay him now than spend ten to a hundred times his fee on some clusterfuck issue that crops up in a couple of months.

But you can imagine that I’m a bit tense right now.


Really, Google? This is what you think best represents “tense”?