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I Feel Festive

Simon was surprisingly out-going over the holidays.

Pictured: unbridled enthusiasm

In twelve weeks the grey-furred scaredy-cat emerges from his cocoon as a beautiful butterfly.

And of course Fearless can’t bear for one of the other cats to get more attention than her.





Climbing Conflict

I kind of wish my new place wasn’t all one story. The artist in me loves the sweeping lines of a beautiful set of stairs, there’s just something magical about what they do to a space.

:sigh: Such lovely light!

Then I remember my bum knee and how badly it hurts when I go up and down stairs – and that I would like have to go up and down multiple times since I have the attention span of a gnat on meth and tend to forget things. Then the wish passes.

The ceiling does go quite high and I guess it would be possible to create a room in the attic area over the two bedrooms, but the would require quite a bit of time, money, and resources for a fairly small return. I can’t imagine I’d ever have the need to do that.

Not Bad

Supposedly painting interior doors black is supposed to add “richness and warmth” regardless of your color scheme. I kind of like the look.

A subtle difference, but nice. I’d prefer a dark blue, though.

I Do Have Really High Ceilings …

It’s an intriguing idea, but I can see Fearless the Graceless Wonder falling off and knocking over all the things.

Built-in kitty stairs

My little darlings get into enough trouble without have a giant temptation strung with blinky lights in the corner.

If you have a cat, you completely understand.

‘Twas the Nightmare before Christmas and there were problems parental
Neither Mom or Dad were sleeping; there were presents to assemble.

The manuals were spread on the floor with no care,
In hopes that the answers would be there somewhere.

The kids were all tucked away asleep in their room,
Each tick of the clock echoed “Doom. Doom.”

Momma threw up her hands while Daddy pounded the ground,
What a hell of a time for the ‘net to be down!

Little Jenny’s princess castle now had turbo thrusters,
And Jimmy’s SuperMecha Ninja smelled vaguely of mustard.

Gallons of coffee were brewed and consumed,
And they cursed and pleaded and fought and fumed

Then, all too soon, those happy cries came from above
Their two little darlings, the ones that they love

Down the stairs sounding like a herd of elephants,
Came two pairs of small feet headed straight for the presents.

Like little buzz-saws they tore through the wrappers,
They were no fools, they knew what they were after.

Mom and Dad braced themselves for the coming of tears,
Each vowing silently to do better next year.

From under the tree they heard their children’s loud cries,
But what’s this? They were having the time of their lives!

“Oh, Daddy!” Said Jenny “Look, my princess shoots a red laser beam!”
And Jimmy showed Momma how his Ninja could dance and sing.

In the end it was the best Christmas ever,
Even if nothing was followed to the letter.

For the joy of a child is not found in the present,
But the love within it, that’s quite apparent.

Still, next year everything would go much better,
if you didn’t wait ’til the last minute to put things together.

How … Festive

Yet another entry in the “Questionable Window Decor” category.

Christmas Birds
This photograph is from the Robert Sanderson collection.
which was kindly donated to Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums. A poultry store in Newcastle upon Tyne displays their Christmas birds. This is a 35mm slide. It was taken in 1965.

Creepy Elf

Good to see that disturbing holiday decor has a long tradition.

N_53_15_3553 Christmas Windows- Taylors 1951
From the Barden Collection, State Archives of North Carolina.