I’ve never been the kind of person who thought much about “decor” as such; if I did it would be limited to if I liked a particular piece of furniture or individual what-not. I’ve never really thought about matching this carpet to that chair or this wallcovering. I’ve never even thought much about wallcoverings. With my impending home ownership, I find myself thinking more and more about what should go where and what I should be looking for. It’s surprising.

Take my new fridge – it’s actually an older fridge and I hate the color. It’s this yellowish-beige color. I’ve been thinking about what color I should paint it, or if I should cover it in contact paper. Or decoupage!


This would be cute.

I’ve been looking at ceiling tiles! I didn’t even know that they made polystyrene ceiling tiles in so many different patterns, but now I find myself wanting some to cover up the hideous popcorn ceilings at my house.

I like this one.

I like this one. It’d also look good painted, and maybe installed on the bathroom wall.