The living room in my new place has this very worn berber carpet in it. I am not a fan of carpet even in good condition and I know it’s easier to replace it before all the furniture is moved in, so I’ve been shopping around for flooring. Since there’s no division between the living area and the dining area, and I’m going for a hard surface, it would look better the cover the whole kaboodle as well as the entry hall – a shade under four hundred square feet.

Sweet zombie Zeus, there is a lot of options out there – and most of it is very boring. Browns, tans, beige – it’s like an explosion of neutrals. Where is all the color? I know you can get carpet in colors other than brown and cream.

I did go with Mother Dearest this weekend to Lumber Liquidators and fell in love with some beautiful purpleheart, but even at the closeout price (marked down from nearly five bucks a square foot) of about $2.39 per square foot (plus installation) it’s way out of my budget. It’s so pretty, though!

The color is so much deeper in person – ranging from a deep bruised color to almost a grape bubblegum.

So nuts to that. But I still want that carpet gone.

Now I’d already planned on turning the master bedroom into a studio/workshop and replacing the equally worn carpet with VCT – vinyl composition tile. It’s the commercial stuff you see in pretty much every business from hospitals to fast food joints. It’s durable, easy to install and maintain, doesn’t require a thick subfloor, and comes in a wide variety of colors.


Why not use VCT in the living area? I start poking around and it’s apparently very popular with DIYers because it’s so easy to put in and is so low in cost.

And pretty!

I’m not going for anything quite so bright, but my idea isn’t as labor intensive as painstakingly whittling a semi-circle out of fragile VCT. I want to slice each tile in half and lay them like bricks or subway tiles.

Kinda like this, but less horizontal.

The color I want to use in my studio is an apple green, appropriately enough called Little Green Apple, and a light blue called Blue Dreams.

Little Green Apple chip

Blue Dreams chip

Shelving my ideas for a dark purple floor, I went through the colors available from Lowes and picked out shades that would go well with the above colors so I could use scraps from the living area in the studio. (Since it’s a smaller area and I probably won’t have a rug down, I plan on cutting the tiles into four three-inch strips and making a multi-hued parquet floor that is predominantly that blue and green.)

Blueberry chip

Mid-Grey Blued Chip

Colorado Stone chip

Greyed Blue chip

For the price of just enough of the beautiful purpleheart to replace only the carpet in the living area, I can replace the flooring in the studio, dining area, entry hall, and living area. I haven’t ordered the tiles yet because I want to see what the colors look like in person rather than on a computer, so I’m hoping to stop by Lowes tomorrow. They probably won’t be able to get the tiles in by my closing date, what with the holidays, so I might not be able to move the furniture in until after New Year’s.

I’m going to run the numbers again, but if I have enough left in the budget I might go ahead and re-do the kitchen in yellow and dark blue. It will probably have to wait, though.

Soleil Yellow chip – I’m not crazy about this shade. Too bright for my tastes.

Gentian Blue speckle (Looks like TARDIS blue to me.)