I mentioned the other day that I was seriously considering putting VCT down in the Casa del Ghostie, but I wanted to know what the tile looked like before I bought it. The flooring rep at the local big-box home improvement store wasn’t much help so I turned to my old friend the Internet. The tile companies were pretty easy to find through Google, but I still didn’t want to judge the product by an image on a computer.

And then I discovered that the companies sent out samples, but only to businesses. Dammit all to … Wait – I work for a business!

Yay, loopholes!

I requested a few samples and had them sent to work, the nice Fed-Ex fellow brought them without a question. So I ordered a few more.

And then a few more.

And some linoleum samples as well.

I haven’t counted how many samples I have, but I’m guessing it’s a high number. Most are all in the same color family though, so I know what I want.

If I keep this up, I’ll have a whole floor for free!

I’m having fun fiddling around with different color selections, luckily the different brands are the same thickness and size, but I’m hoping to narrow them down to something manageable. Then I have to measure the room to make sure I order enough – going by the paperwork I have the dining/living/foyer area comes to 387 square feet. Each box of tile covers forty-five feet, so I need at least nine boxes. The master bedroom/studio is a hundred and fifty square feet, so I need four boxes.