I woke up at three in the morning and it wasn’t a cat who wake me up. This in itself is unusual – normally if I’m up at that hour it’s due to a cat doing something.

“Well, brain” I told myself “What’s the deal?”

*You twisted your knee*

“Yeah – like two days ago. Why am I waking up now?”

*you just twisted your knee – you tripped over a rope*

“That sounds reasonab… Wait, I’m in bed. There are no ropes in my bed.”

*you dreamed you tripped over a rope*

“… I dreamed I tripped over a rope?”


“And that woke me up?”


“… What was the rest of the dream about?”

*don’t remember*

“Basically I had a dream in which I tripped over a rope and there’s absolutely no context attached to it, but it was strong enough to wake me from a sound sleep?”

*you got it, boss*

In the morning, I’m going to stab you with a Q-Tip.”