I am normally a considerate driver – I will let people get in front of me and nearly always signal before turning – but there are some things that I will not tolerate.

On the way home the highway narrows from three lanes down to two and the third lane becomes a turning lane. This is well-marked with a sign and markings on the road itself. And yet there are still people who will zip past the cars sitting in the straight lanes and, as if they are shocked that all those signs apply to them, will try to merge back into the lanes of traffic as they get closer to the intersection. This usually entails the driver in question driving very slowly with their blinker on while those behind them who actually want to turn honking loudly (and likely calling into question the legitimacy of the driver’s birth) at them for the hold-up.

Occasionally there will be an opening in traffic and one of these douchecanoes will manage to get over, but when cars are lined up cheek-to-jowl they often have no choice but to make the turn onto the (very busy) side street and find somewhere to turn around so they can get back on the main road, thus adding to their commute. This happened the other night, I saw a large truck zip past me and slow down as it got closer to the light. Moving as slowly as possible until it actually made the turn, the truck kept its blinker on until the last moment, like a death-row inmate asking if the warden had called. To a chorus of honking it reluctantly turned and disappeared down the side street.

I really love it when I get to see that happen, it’s like watching karma in action.