In one room at least. After a weekend of patching, scraping, and spreading glue, I finally have a bedroom floor!

Patching concrete is tons of fun. Like icing a lumpy cake with mildly caustic frosting and trying to get it perfectly smooth.

Glue is down! (Finally. It took forever.)

Once the glue had set up so I could lay down the tile, things went pretty quickly. The hardest part was the fiddly bits around the edges and corners where the tiles had to be cut. The tile cuts easily, but it’s a lot of work. Mother Dearest selflessly helped me and did a lot of the edges, I helped out once I was done laying the whole tiles.

Beautiful, beautiful floor! And yes, I know that one is a slightly different color – it’s in upside down do it has a dull finish rather than a shiny one.

I could look at this all day.

The closet was a nightmare, very cramped and a lot of tiles had to be trimmed.

Thanks to a ciphering error on my part, the tiles had a very wide border on one side of the room and a very narrow one on the other. This also led to problems in the closet, where tiles had to be trimmed all the way around. I’m pretty sure Mother Dearest will have nightmares about being trapped in a closet with tile.

Ghostie’s glue-hand!
This stuff is super-sticky and does not like coming off skin.