Bits and pieces of a rug!

Not quite the same ring to it, I guess.

While sorting through my junk, I came across a large diaper box that held eight skeins of yarn in blue, green, and cream. I purchased the box at a yard sale with the intention of making a cat bed – the yarn is all Red Heart SuperSaver, which has a fairly harsh hand – with it, tucked the box away, and promptly forgot about it. While looking over the yarn, it occurred to me that the colors would go well with my floor tiles. I had been toying with the idea of making a rug for the living room, to warm it up a bit, after seeing pictures online.

These are made with thick ropes of roving, unspun wool, and are probably quite warm and comfy.

So the cat bed yarn has been repurposed into a floor afghan/rug made of granny squares. I’ve made this my new carry-around project and take the blocks to work so I can work on them during lunch and break. I’ve had to buy one more skein and might possibly have to buy another to finish off the blocks.

My blocks. The one on the right is finished, the left needs a “ring” of two rows in the pale green.