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Apologies for the lateness of the post, our Internet is down at home. It would, of course, happen on a day when I didn’t have anything in the pipe to post. :sigh: And it isn’t an issue on our end – my computer connects to the router just fine and the signal is strong, so it’s on the ISP’s end. I was watching a movie on Netflix while getting ready for work yesterday morning and it just froze up. Mother Dearest has a call in, they told her it would be 24-48 hours before it was fixed.

I’m going through withdrawal.


Wait for it …

There it is!

Of Peaches And Raspberries

Peach Girl was in the break room on Monday, complaining about having to go back to work and watching the news while texting on her phone. A short bit came on about the Oscars, followed by a quick blurb about the Razzies. The newscaster joked about how the last Twilight movie “swept” the Razzies, which seemed to confuse Peach Girl.

PG – “I didn’t know Twilight was nominated for any awards. What are these Rassie things?”

I explain that the Golden Raspbery Award is given out the the year’s worst movies, actors, and so on. She looked shocked.

PG – “Why did they give it to Twilight? It was great!”

She was completely serious; it’s like she’s never heard anything bad about the series until that moment.


In other news, I learned that she turned in her two weeks’ notice and will soon be working for the state department of revenue. I don’t know whether to be happy she’s going so I don’t have to hear her complain and whine, or to fear for the state. Perhaps I’ll do both.

Out, Damned Space!

Had a pretty full weekend; laid a lot of tile, cut a lot of tile, and volunteered to work a few hours to get some extra vacation time.

My beautiful floor!

The problem came Sunday. I spread glue over the bare concrete while MD pulled up the last bit of tile in the dining area, and then we started cutting tiles. After a couple of boxes we decided to start laying some. The very first tile I set down didn’t fit. I swapped it for another one. And then another. Surely all the tiles weren’t off. I placed one in a different location and it fit perfectly.

Oh, shit.

The row had a gap, one that throw the whole floor wonky.

Pictured: wonkiness.

The wonked row is one of the last we put down on Saturday, when we were all exhausted and in a hurry to get home. Now the row, about eight tiles long, and the surrounding rows will have to be pulled up and adjusted or replaced. I am not happy about this, but it’s my own fault for wanting to get as much done as possible as quickly as I could.


Unless you can be a dragon, then pick the dragon instead.

It Works!

Don’t you feel better now?

Cutest Sound Ever

You really need to have the sound turned on for this, but not too loud. It’s super-cute.

Let Me Have Cake


Another time I was supposed to be writing lost to Pinterest. Why can’t I quit you, foul temptress?

In other news, I’ve found my wedding cake.

So very awesome.

Now all I need is the dress, a place to have the ceremony, custom-written vows … Oh, and a groom. I can get that stuff on eBay, right?

On second thought, that’s too much work. Maybe I’ll just buy the fancy cake and sit on the futon in my slippers watching old episodes of Psych instead.

Does This Make Sense To You?

I was getting together a cup and spoon so I could take them to my house and enjoy a cup of tea while working, when I ran into a problem. I couldn’t find any spoons. Plenty of forks and knives, but no spoons. So I took an inventory.

I own eight forks, three table knives, and two spoons. (Obviously I don’t entertain guests very often.)

I could have sworn I had more spoons than that. I’m always buying odd silverware. What did I do with them all? Are the cats eating my spoons?

Now I have the urge to see if magnets will stick to Fearless.

True Story

Prepare to feel a little better about humanity.

I often have people bring me things that they find in the parking lot or in the lobby, so on Friday when a woman walked up to my desk and said she had found something outside I didn’t think too much about it. I held out my hand and she dropped a wad of bills – all singles – into my hand. She had found the money, fifty dollars in all, in the parking lot while driving around to use the ATM.

There were no cars nearby.

There were no people nearby.

Just this woman and a big lump of untraceable cash.

And did I mention it was raining a little bit?

This saint in a windbreaker stopped her car, got out into the wet, picked up the money, drove around to the front of the building, parked again, came inside, and voluntarily handed over fifty dollars.

Holy shit, lady.