I have more floor! Slowly but surely I am getting to the point where I can actually move in to the house I’m paying for!

This is the room that will be my studio/workshop and also had the unfortunate problem of a sticky floor. There had once been tile down under the carpet and whomever installed the carpet (may jackals feat upon their entrails for all eternity) pulled up the tiles but didn’t take the time to remove the adhesive residue before putting down the carpet padding. The padding stuck to the floor and was that kind that’s made out of many tiny pieces of foam, so it tore very easily. Tons and tons of scraping trying to get the bits of foam up – GhostDad even tried using a hammer to try to chisel it off. (I told him several times not to because I was afraid he would gouge up the concrete but he said he could do it, he stopped of his own volition not long afterwards. I’m sure the sudden appearance of fresh gouges in the floor had nothing to do with his decision.)

So once we finally got the foam and the worse of the glue up, I … spread more glue on the floor.

I know it sounds counterproductive, but this is special tile glue.

Since I had gotten dizzy from the glue fumes in the other room, I wore one of my respirators and quickly learned that there is a knack to doing strenuous activities while wearing one. I lack this knack so I decided to bear with the fumes rather than pass out from oxygen starvation face-first into a puddle of glue.

And, via the magic of the Intertubes, the floor!

Minus a few bits in one section and the closets, which MotherDearest did the following day.

I must commend MD for finishing off the closets, they are tiny and cramped and she had to pull up several tiles in one where I had tried to “help” and ended up making things go all wonky. Not once did she stab GD or I with the razor knife, although she may have contemplated it.

Next up is the main living area, which will probably have to be done in sections as it is one large continuous space.