We got to my house on Saturday and it was unusually cold inside. I normally keep the heat turned down, but it was colder than it should have been. I went out to see if the pilot light in the water heater might have gone out (I have a heat pump so it draws heat from the hot water.) It was out so I went through the business of relighting it. After a couple of tries it WOOSHed and came on. It was too cold to work on the floors, so we took down the cabinets.

Big hole!

It was still pretty chilly so I went out once again to check the water heater and the pilot light was off again. I tried numerous times, with increasingly creative cursing, to get it to light. No such luck. I give GhostBIL a call, as this is his area of expertise. As luck would have it, he was heading back home after going to his mother’s so he was able to stop by about fifteen minutes later. He poked around and confirmed that the thermocouple (which I had privately been calling “little metal dealie-bob that gets hot and tells the thing to work” because I am not good with technical terms) had gone bad. He suggested checking the warranty that came with the heater and see if the company would replace the part as he could install it. Unfortunately the previous owner did not register the thing with the company, nor did she leave pertinent information like where it was purchased and who installed it, so I can’t get the part for free. Rather than ordering it and waiting for it to be mailed to me, I went to Ace Hardware and picked one up for much less. I will be meeting GhostBIL tonight to get it installed, hopefully my pipes will not freeze in the mean time.

Fun weekend. I did purloin some owls, so there’s that.