We got lots done this weekend. I finally have floor in the main room.

Well, a little bit.

We’re doing it in sections; pull up a few rows of tiles, touch up the glue, and put down the tiles. We started in the foyer, were we had to do half so we would have somewhere to stand.

Like a landing strip.

The tiles I’m using are the same 12 inch tiles that went in the other rooms, only cut in half. Since it’s a pain to measure and cut each tile, Mother Dearest made a nifty little jig so all you have to do is slide the tile in and cut it.

Lots and lots of cutting.

After putting down the landing strip on Saturday, Sunday involved more peeling up tiles, glue, and whatnot.

An in-progress shot.

I thought the closet would be hard since it’s a tight spot, but pulling up the tiles was easy. There was still some of the original vinyl underneath.

It came up in one piece, with the tiles still stuck on the vinyl.

And here it is!

Behold the glory of my foyer!

We managed to get the closet done as well. Even though it’s a hassle to cut the tiles in half, they are much easier to maneuver around. Of all the tile we laid (not counting the closet) this weekend we only had to trim two tiles.

I’m very proud of this closet.