Peach Girl was in the break room on Monday, complaining about having to go back to work and watching the news while texting on her phone. A short bit came on about the Oscars, followed by a quick blurb about the Razzies. The newscaster joked about how the last Twilight movie “swept” the Razzies, which seemed to confuse Peach Girl.

PG – “I didn’t know Twilight was nominated for any awards. What are these Rassie things?”

I explain that the Golden Raspbery Award is given out the the year’s worst movies, actors, and so on. She looked shocked.

PG – “Why did they give it to Twilight? It was great!”

She was completely serious; it’s like she’s never heard anything bad about the series until that moment.


In other news, I learned that she turned in her two weeks’ notice and will soon be working for the state department of revenue. I don’t know whether to be happy she’s going so I don’t have to hear her complain and whine, or to fear for the state. Perhaps I’ll do both.