I’ve very nearly finished the tile and thus are within weeks of moving in to my house!

:does Happy Dance:

The problem we were having with the gap between tiles last week was remedied – we cut the rest of the row slightly larger to fill the gap and keep it from travelling upwards. It did not reappear.

It brings a tear to my eye, it does.

After dealing with that little problem, and developing a blister the size of a pencil eraser on my palm from the glue brush, the rest of the living area was completed. We even managed to use the narrow tile-bits left from cutting the wide row to do the first few rows in the hall. The difference is undetectable.

We also got half the hall and the linen closet done. There is only about twenty-five feet of ugly brown tile left to pull up and replace.

Just looking at the walls you can see how much brighter the new floor makes the space. Good-bye, cave!

The linen closet was the last bit we did on Sunday, it is extremely tiny. Smaller than a phone booth tiny. My shoulders are wider than the opening so I had to twist a bit to get in and laid most of the rows laying flat on my stomach so I could see where to mark the tiles. The last little bit towards the back isn’t in the pattern, I just jammed bits of scrap tile into the space. It’s not like anyone is going to inspect my microscopic linen closet.

Each tile is six by twelve inches. This linen closet redefines “tight spot”.