Get ready to have some history shoved into your brain!

This is Isaac Hunter’s Tavern, circa 1970.

Somewhat worse for wear.

As the story goes, back in the late 1700s, legislators from the western regions of North Carolina were tired of trekking all the way to then-capitol New Bern. In 1787 a commission was formed to ratify the US Constitution and, while they were at it, picking out a new place for a capitol. The group convened at – you guessed it – a small tavern out in the middle of nowhere. After ten days of deliberation, the commission decided that the capitol would be built within ten miles of Issac Hunter’s Tavern. (As luck would have it, one of the state senators happened to own a piece of land in the area that would suit.) Until Raleigh was built, there was nothing of any substance in the area at all.

My hometown was built not because of a vital waterway or important trade route, but because of a bar.