It appears that after all the tile is finally down (yay!) I will have quite a bit left over. I ordered far more than I needed to allow for chips, cracks, and my general lack of knowledge in laying this kind of tile. This coupled with the fact that the boxes are so big, forty-five square feet per box so for a room that’s only one-hundred fifty feet I had to order four boxes, and the sixty or so square feet I picked up at the Habitat Store I have plenty to spare. A few of the boxes have never even been opened. I have enough to do the kitchen, ninety-five square feet, but not enough of any one color so it will have to be at least two.

The bathrooms are what I’m waffling about. They are super-dated and I plan on doing some remodeling at some point (new vanities, taking out the fiberglass bathtub enclosure and putting in a shower, changing the light fixtures, that sort of thing) that I don’t know if I want to go ahead and put in a floor (which is a lot of work) only to potentially mess it up or pull it up in the future. On the other hand, the remodeling in in the future and a new floor would look nicer in the mean time, plus the tile is so cheap and so few would be needed (only fifteen or so) that I could easily do both with less than one box. I shall have to think on it.