This is one of those tips you see on Pinterest and think “That’ll never work, they just want me to look stupid.” In this case, it’s a method of removing blackheads from your nose. I’ve read numerous recipes, most requiring you to melt down gelatin and paint it on your face, but this was different.

  • Step one – dab plain white glue on area.
  • Step two – let glue dry.
  • Step three – peel glue off.

That’s the whole routine.

I was hesitant, but I tried it. The stuff itches as it dries – it pulls the skin – but it’s tolerable  It feels good when you peel it off, though. And it works! I have several deep blackheads on my nose (I hope you don’t mind that I didn’t take any pictures. Eww) and the glue really cleaned them out. Not squeaky clean, but better than any commercial product I’ve tried.