“Why do you read so much?”

I get asked this question a lot, usually while I’ve got my nose stuck in a book or my Kindle. Some will elaborate with variations of “Reading is so boring!”

I usually shrug and say simply that I like to read – and I do. I always have. I learned how back when I was three or so, so I literally have no memory of not being able to read. The idea that I could pick up a flat piece of tree and step into another world was akin to magic. I know there are people who can’t or don’t read, either because they don’t have the desire or they never learned how, and it makes me very sad. They are being denied an infinite number or worlds and countless friends within those worlds. Television and movies are a pale shadow compared to your own imagination.

If you don’t enjoy reading, if you think it’s dull, boring, and a waste of time, then you are doing it wrong. Very, very wrong.