As part of the wonderfulness that is me, I have a tendency to fixate on objects or ideas until I can think of little else. While browsing for shelf brackets online, I found a photo of this;

It’s a handrail bracket; the big bit gets attached to the wall or what-have-you and then the handrail is placed on top and secured with the little bit. It’s pretty easy to figure out, anyone who has gone up and down stairs has probably seen one, but I can’t stop thinking about them. I think they look very interesting in a sort of industrial way, and have been trying to think of some way I could justify buying one or two. (Would make a decent hat rack, if I wore hats.) I may get a couple, and a dowel or something, to use as a curtain rod or something. I just think they look neat.

Also percolating through the gray matter are my kitchen cabinet hinges. They are this ugly brass color and I don’t like them. I had thought about getting new ones, but that would be expensive and there’s nothing really wrong with them besides the color. I’ve thought about painting them, but I don’t know if that would work. I have found a product called Vintaj Patina Paints that is used by mixed media artists and scrapbookers to paint on metal, it’s specifically designed for jewelry and the like. It doesn’t really look thick like the paint I’m used to, more like ink or wood stain. I’m curious to know if it would work on my hinges but as yet have not acquired any. I may have to give it a try.