I mean that in the architectural sense, of course. A grotesque is an ornamental carving and they are often mistakenly called gargoyles – they are only gargoyles when used as downspouts. (The origin of the word “gargoyle” comes both from the French word for throat and for the gurgling noise they make.)

Don’t you feel smart now?

Collection of Grotesques from Reims, France
Collection: A. D. White Architectural Photographs, Cornell University Library
Accession Number: 15/5/3090.01576
Title: Collection of Grotesques from Reims, France
Photographer: Joseph Trompette (Active in France, ca. 1870-ca. 1890)
Photograph date: ca. 1865-ca. 1895
Location: Europe: France
Materials: albumen print
Image: 9.9213 x 12.8346 in.; 25.2 x 32.6 cm
Provenance: Gift of Andrew Dickson White