Saturday morning I woke up at an ungodly hour to go stand on a stranger’s lawn.

Backtrack a bit – Friday night Mother Dearest told me about an estate sale that was pretty close that was being held nearby. There was one item of particular interest. We decided to go. The sale was at eight, but sign-in began at seven. You have to sign in if you want the good stuff, because they only let so many in at one time to begin with. (Cuts down on the trampling.) Even though we got there at five after seven, we were numbers fifteen (MD) and sixteen (guess who).

As the appointed hour grew closer, we congregated on the house’s lawn. Many walked around the house and peeked through the windows, trying to locate desired items. A rather bossy lady got the first dozen or so lined up before the estate sale official opened the door to let the first people in. Mine was the last name called.

I rushed through the house, heading towards the rear where I thought the kitchen would be. And then I saw her – Eunice.

I’ve always had a thing for gingers.

I slapped my hand down on top of her before anyone else had a chance. She was mine – a 400 watt, ten speed KitchenAid tilt-head standing mixer.

The ad for the estate sale had it all wrong – she was listed as being a red five speed – but I’m very happy with my new lady.

I also bought some lamps, blackout curtains, and a tree stand, but that was at a yard sale down the road.