At long last, I have actually moved in to my new place!

I took Thursday and Friday off to pack, and I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t do a terribly good job. I hate packing and pretty much dragged my feet as much as possible. Saturday Mother Dearest took charge and GhostSister and clan arrived en masse with large vehicles. Before I was even sure what was going on my furniture was being carted out of the house.

I have an awesome family.

Sunday the rain that had been threatening finally hit, I’m just glad we got the big bits (bed, futon, whatnot) moved on Saturday. Sunday was cat day – Simon and Fearless were packed up and brought over with their stuff and other essentials. (After much soul-searching, I have decided to leave Firefly with GhostDad. She tolerates me but he is her person and it would be bad for both of them if I took her away.) Fearless was easy to trick into the carrier, a bit of food to get her head in and a bump to the butt to encourage her into it.

Simon was another story.

He hates to travel and was not afraid to make his displeasure known. I ended up with a number of nasty bites and scratches. Having had to transport him before, I knew that he had a tendency to get carsick as well as deposit … less desirable “gifts” in the carrier. (And he did. The fuzzy little bastard held it until I pulled into my driveway before letting loose with numbers 1 and 2.) Because of this I carried him directly into the studio bathroom so I could wash his backside. (He was thrilled.) Even after I “released the kraken” and turned the cats loose, he refused to budge from the bathroom.

The face of displeasure.

On the other hand, Fearless couldn’t wait to explore.

She made it her mission to lay down on every single vertical surface in the house.