So after a few days of living in the new place I am noticing that I’m missing a few things. So I’ve started a list of things I need.

  1. Trash cans for the bathrooms.
  2. Clothespins – I have them but I left them at my parents’ house.
  3. Dish drainer – also at the parents’ house.
  4. Clock for living room – the only clocks in my house are my alarm clock, the thermostat, and the microwave.
  5. Long-sleeved shirts – I’m keeping the thermostat turned down and could use a few flannel shirts to keep warm.
  6. Footstool – for my chair. I don’t think I have one but it might be in with all those boxes.
  7. Pattern for fingerless gloves – see #5
  8. Shelves – I have an incredible amount of stuff. Really, I had no idea I had so much stuff. I’m going to have to go through it and pare some of it out.
  9. Soup pot – I wanted to make some soup and couldn’t find my big pot. I think it’s back at (you guessed it) the parents’ house.
  10. Some sort of shelf-dividing system – All of the shelves in my house are terribly inefficient in how they use space. The kitchen is especially bad. (The kitchen is very inefficiently designed.)

That’s just the first ten things, I have a little notebook that I keep adding things to.