Sunday I spent the day puttering about, moving boxes and generally trying to unpack. Late Sunday/early Monday I was gripped by the plague. Well, it probably wasn’t the plague, but it was some kind of stomach bug that had me composing sonnets to the porcelain princess for most of the night and well into the next day. It felt like a giant invisible hand was wrapped around my stomach and squeezing it like a miser trying to get the last little daub of toothpaste. I was tempted to write it off as being bad frozen pizza (which is now I dish I do not plan on having for a very long time) but the accompanying fever, aches, and chills spoke of something else. After a day of napping, drinking tea, and throwing away crackers that had gone bad, I returned to work on Tuesday ready for an easy day.

First, I got to work later than usual – quite a feat since I now live less than three miles away. Apparently the corner where I live is also used as a school bus stop and if I don’t leave at a certain time, I ain’t leaving.

And then, the auditors were there.

I may have mentioned the auditors before; as a financial institution, [ghostbank] takes measures to insure that each location is following the rules and regulations set forth by the company and the federal government. In our case, a group of auditors consisting of people from other branches as well as employees of out internal audit department will swoop in unannounced and spend two nerve-wracking days poking around. It puts everyone on edge and increases your workload. Fun times.

I’d almost rather be sick. (Almost.)