Well, in my case they’re cats, but whatever.

Fearless is discovering all manner of new things to sleep on, even though they are essentially the same things she slept on before we moved.

She makes a lovely throw pillow, even with the snoring.

Simon will actually spend time in the open, not hiding, although he does like to retreat to a cozy little den under my duvet on most mornings.

I noticed the other day that his eyes are almost exactly the same shade of apple green as my tiles. Weird.

His favorite non-hiding spot is in front of the sliding glass doors, but he likes the stack of blankets as well. I think the cold gets to him after a while, he will often come looking for a snuggle and tuck his icy little feet into my lap. Poor thing doesn’t have Fearless’ built-in snowshoes.

Turn the heater on, woman.

And following her “If it’s horizontal, it’s a bed” philosophy…

She’s also fallen asleep in the pantry, both bathroom sinks, and linen closet.