You may remember the cat castle I made a while back, after Fearless and Simon grew too … generous for the small pre-made one I had.

There were structural integrity issues.

Once that one went wonky, I built a larger one out of kitchen cabinets.

The cats approved.

Once I moved to the new place, I decided to get a new base to prevent the thing from tipping over. A visit to the Habitat store and some paint later and I had a new base.

It just blends into the wall, doesn’t it?

There were a few issues, mostly because neither Mother Dearest nor I could find the drill, but last weekend we finally got it together. The hardest part was putting casters on the bottom so I could move it easily for cleaning up all the cat hair, the back half had to be built up with scrap wood to have something to attach the casters to, luckily there was plenty of scraps once we took the old legs apart. I even reused one of the quarter-circle shelves that hade originally been in the base cabinet as a shelf so the cats can easily get from the inside of the base to the castle proper.

As yes, sitting inside a base cabinet and trying to attach a shelf to the inside back corner is just as much fun as it sounds.

The cats seem to like the new old castle well enough.

Why for you put cover over hole clearly meant for me?

The very top part fits but there isn’t very much clearance between the top and the ceiling so I’m leaving it off. I’m hoping to find another drawer at the Habitat store that’s not quite as big to replace it so the cats don’t fall off the top.

As you might have noticed, Fearless has a bit of a paunch.