On the list of things to do for my place is “finish painting kitchen cabinet doors”. I’ve been putting it off because it isn’t a high priority, the cats really haven’t been interested in getting into them.

Until now.

Let’s see; plates, bowls, mixing bowls, cat … Everything seems fine here.

Fearless, on her continuing journey to lay on every flat surface possible, finally realized that those things I put dishes in are big enough for her. And, as luck would have it, the range hood makes a very good step.

You should dust up here, it’s filthy.

I’m queen of the kitchen!

There is quite a lot of dust on top of the cabinets, it’s one of the few places I didn’t clean, and every time Swiffer-butt moved she would sweep bits of dust off. It was like grey snow. She had some trouble getting down and fell more than jumped, but was unhurt. I figured once would be enough and she would lose interest in it. And of course the next morning she proved me wrong.

Remember, I like my eggs scrambled soft. I know you have plenty of plates.