The other weekend MD and I were driving to the local home improvement store to pick up some lumber that will one day be my new kitchen cabinets. MD mentioned that since she had custody of the remote one night, she and flipped over and watched her very first episode of Doctor Who in :mumblety: years. I guess after hearing me blather on about it, she got curious. I asked her which episode she had seen and she started describing it as “something to do with Wi-Fi” and I instantly began talking over her.

“NO! That’s from the new season and I haven’t seen it yet! Don’t tell me what happens!”

When I moved I made the decision to not get satellite or cable TV and just stick to Internet and Netflix since I really didn’t watch that much “real” TV anyway. The only thing I’ve really missed is the new episodes of DW. I could buy them from Amazon or iTunes, but I think I will try to resist until they come out on streaming Netflix in a few months. :eyetwitch: I’m sure I can make it.