Very large mail, in the form of the new futon I ordered off of Amazon. The one that is currently on my couch is very thin and uncomfortable, so I decided to spend a bit of my tax refund on a new one.

The “box” which is more like a cardboard tortilla stuffed too full.

I had to cut the side of the box to get it off, it just wouldn’t budge. The innards looked like a tamale.

Or possibly a bale of hay.

Fearless was thrilled that I had brought her a pre-chewed box.

What’s the point of destroying a box that’s already destroyed?

There was an outer plastic bag that I had to cut off before reaching the inner layer. I cut a tiny hole and there was this hissing noise, like when you open a brick of coffee. The damned thing puffed up like a marshmallow in the microwave.

I have no idea how it fit in that box. I suspect the TARDIS was involved.

I found a piece of paper while collecting the plastic wrappings that explained what that hissing sound was.

Does this mean I have to burp the lid every time I change the cover?

It’s been a few hours already and I don’t see how the thing can get much bigger. I really hope I don’t wake up one morning to fine my living room full of futon.