I’ve had a little project I’ve been working on over the past week that I thought I’s share. (And so MD doesn’t thing I’m slacking off.) The new cabinets that will (eventually) replace the ones we removed between the living area and kitchen will have doors made of old windows. The windows that are being used are old ones MD bought some time ago and left in the garage for quite some time. These windows are old and old-school – the mullions are functional and each window is made of eight individual panes held in place by glazing. The glazing is crumbling and falling out, it has to be removed and replaced with caulk. Some of the glazing pops right up, but other bits are very reluctant to come up. There are six windows, each with eight panes, that have to have the glazing removed and the residue of paint and stain scraped off of the glass before the caulk can be put down and smoothed into place.

It’s pretty time-consuming.

Fun times.

The good news is I only have one window left! Yay!