With the arrival of Maggie, I’ve found that I need another litter box. She came with one in her vast assortment of stuff, but it’s the standard shallow pan style. Since I’m sure the other two will be using the box as well, I knew to begin with that I would need a different box. Simon is what you could call a “digger” when it comes to litter boxes (Fearless too, but not as extreme) and normal boxes are too shallow to contain all the litter that they throw around. There are special deep pans and enclosed boxes, but they are more expensive.

But there is a solution – and a reasonably priced one. Plastic totes!

Cue angelic choir!

For this project you need a few simple tools;

  1. ruler or tape measure
  2. marker
  3. sharp knife


Step 1:

Measure a line about five or six inches from the bottom of the container.

Step 2:

Using this line as a base, draw a square about seven to eight inches high and wide.

Actual size determined by the size of the container, this one is a 10 gallon because that’s what will fit beside the toilet.


Step 3:

Cut out square. This is the hard part.


:insert humorous hole joke here:

And that’s it. If you don’t know how to set up a litter box, you probably shouldn’t own a cat.

Yay! No more cleaning litter from behind the toilet!