I’ve been watching lots of movies lately, so I thought I’d review one. I decided to choose one at random from my “recently viewed” list, so I closed my eyes, scrolled through while chanting Eenie Meanie Mynie Moe and picked – Megan is Missing.

Oh, dear.

This is a hard one to review, but I’ll give it a shot.

The premise is pretty simple; through “found footage” consisting of cell phone videos and web chats the audience is introduced to a group of teenage girls, primarily the “popular girl” Megan and her clique of mean girls as well as the “outcast” Amy who is of course Megan’s best friend. The first portion, where the audience is introduced to the characters, is pretty slow. Amy is established as being a little Miss Goody Two-Shoes with a great family while Megan is a party girl who life has dealt a crap hand.Pretty standard stuff.

And then one of Megan’s friends introduces her to an online friend, a boy named Josh. The two flirt a bit and agree to meet up.

Cue dangerous music now.

As you can tell from the title, Megan goes missing. Shocker, I know. At first Amy is the only one that notices, but soon there are specials on TV complete with reenactment of her abduction. Megan’s friends blame Amy for some reason, and then Josh starts contacting Amy. Things get creepy very quickly.

The last twenty-two minutes are the scariest, most disturbing footage I’ve ever seen. I won’t give any spoilers in case you want to watch it, but it is seriously bad stuff happening. Let’s just say the male protagonist does what you would expect a guy who cyber-stalked and abducted a young girl to do. It’s not as graphic as it could be, but in a way it’s even worse since you can’t see exactly what happening even though you know what’s going on. It’s really jarring since eighty percent of the movie is fairly bland.

Even with the disturbing and bland parts, it’s a decent movie. I recommend it as long as you don’t have a problem watching dark scenes.