I’m sure everyone has been on pins and needles wanting to know how I got my laundry done last weekend. Well, wait no more!

I went with the two tension rods and rope option, which worked out surprisingly well. I thought I’d share my experiences in case anyone else wants to give it a try.

First up, a break-down of the equipment you need. It’s pretty simple, two shower curtain rods – don’t use drapery rods, they won’t be strong enough – that are long enough for the hall or room you are using. The longer the rod the more expensive they will be, mine had to fit in a 42.5″ foyer so I got the ones that extend from forty to sixty inches and they cost seven dollars at Wally World.  You’ll also need clothesline, I bought a hank of rope that is a hundred feet and cost nine dollars. You also need clothespins, but I already had those.

Stunning, I know.

Set up the two rods, one on either end of the hall or room you are using. If you don’t have a hall, two doorframes that are roughly in line with each other would work. Tie the clothesline to the rods.

Action shot!

The rods held a surprising amount of weight, I washed all my sheets and duvet cover, hung them up and aired out the duvet at the same time and the rods didn’t budge. I used the fan to circulate the air to make sure the sheets were dry by bedtime.

I was curious to see how much weight the rods could hold, so I washed a load of towels the next day after work and hung them up to dry while I slept.

Another action shot!

Even loaded with four heavy towels it didn’t move. Awesome!

I estimate it cost me $23 for this set-up, which is a bit more pricey than just buying a few mug hooks and screwing them into the wall – but I didn’t have to drill holes in my walls. If I were renting a place and my landlord frowned upon big-ass holes in the walls, this would be a good option. Since I’ve used it twice, that means it cost me $11.50 each time. If I use it twice next week, then the price goes down to $5.75 and so forth. Using the fan to speed things up probably adds at most five cents to the price and wasn’t strictly necessary, but I had it running anyway.