At my work they have a schedule where everyone makes a birthday cake for someone else, it changes every year so you rarely get the same person twice. Like any group of people, our baking talents range from store-bought cake to a Madarine Napoleon liqueur-infused cake with a dark chocolate ganache on the side. (That would be one of the tellers, W, and everyone wants her to get their name.) This year I got the boss’ name, which wouldn’t be a problem except he’s got Celiac disease which rules out pretty much every kind of cake I know how to make. Luckily he likes Rice Krispies squares, so I decided to make those.

While buying the ingredients, I noticed that the recipe for Rice Krispies was on the cereal and the marshmallows, but there was a second recipe on the marshmallow bag.

For s’mores. On a bag on miniature marshmallows.

Why on Earth would anyone need a recipe for s’mores? It’s chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers.