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Say “Fromage!”

It doesn’t say in the photo’s listing, but this looks like someone demonstrating the Bertillon Method of identification, which was popular before fingerprints became the stand. The method relies on anthropometric measurements such as the length od a finger or the width of the shoulders.

Front cover from “Mecanisme de la Physionomie Humaine” Duchenne de la Boulogne, Paris 1862


Epic Mustache

Seriously – just look at that bad boy. It looks like it’s getting ready to ride up San Juan Hill.

Photograph of Duncan McKechnie
Date: 1902
Photographer: Park Bros.
Reference code: P436

I Wanna Look!

On Saturday MD and I took the old broken dishwasher to the recycling center rather that hauling it to the dump. It was my first trip to such a place and I was excited to see what was there.



I’m sure the process is similar in most places like this; the vehicle is weighed on a scale going in and then weighed again going out. The difference is what you dropped off.Ours was different in that the van was somehow heavier when we were leaving. No idea how that happened, we didn’t pick anything up. (Not that I didn’t want to, but they don’t let you wander around and poke the piles of sharp metal. Something about it being “dangerous” or something.) The guy finally gave us a ticket for fifty pounds even though the dishwasher probably only weighed about thirty-five or forty. Still, I got five bucks out of the trip. I do wish I could have poked around a bit, though. I was sad (and very badly had to pee due to an ill-timed cup of coffee) when we left.

I Must Make This!

I was looking at ideas for postcards to send via Postcrossing when I came across this awesomeness.

Oh. My. Stars.

It’s a slice of cake that you can mail.

Mind. BLOWN.

There’s a tutorial, but it’s basically a painted sponge with colored caulk icing. There’s also a pie version. According to the site it costs about three bucks to send, but it would depend on how much caulk you use and how big the sponge wedge was. The trick would be to make it large enough that it didn’t fall under the minimum size, but not so big that it would be too costly to send. I shall have to make a trip to the dollar store to see what I can find. I already have some leftover caulk.


It’s Okay, I Have A Form!

Sometimes people make no sense.

Like for example, would it make sense to run into, say, a financial institution right as it was closing for something as important as having a will notarized? A will that everyone else besides you has already signed so they don’t have to travel all the way to the bank with you to see the notary.

And if you did sign in at the last second, would you listen to the person helping you sign in when they tell you that notaries can’t notarize documents that have already been signed or would you insist on seeing someone anyway because you had witnesses (who were not present and whose signatures were not notarized) for the other signatures?

Would you listen calmly while the notary, who was nice enough to stay after closing, tries to explain what a notary does – namely, certify that the person signing the document is who they say they are – and that it really doesn’t matter how many people witnessed the other people signing the will if none of them were notaries or signed in front of the notary since it is a serious legal no-no for a notary to notarize the signature of someone they have never met nor have seen any official identification for?

After hearing this explanation from not only the notary but several of her co-irkers as well as her supervisor, would you then storm out of the office in a huff because everyone else in the world who isn’t you is completely wrong and out to “get” you? (In this case, a “huff” being a cloud of cursing.)

Of course you wouldn’t, but some people would.

Read My Lips

Ah, YouTube. You are one of the biggest time-sucks ever.

Speaking of YouTube, there’s this!

There’s a channel on YouTube where they take scenes from movies, shows and music videos and do bad lip-readings and overdub the actors with the resulting dialogue. It’s hilarious.

It’s A Baby Wallaby

I want one.

Take That, Science!

Awww … What adorable camouflage!