Well, sort of. It’s kind of an absence rather than a hole.

Impressive, no?

The dishwasher that came with my house didn’t work, it was likely original to the structure and therefore nearly as old as I am. I’ve been wanting to take it out as a large device that does nothing but take up valuable space in my tiny kitchen isn’t very welcome. MD and I, with no previous experience, watched a couple of videos on YouTube and the process seemed simple – turn everything off, disconnect power and water lines, remove dishwasher, go for cheeseburgers. (That last bit wasn’t in the videos, but I feel it was implied.)

I’d like to give a complicated account of everything that went wrong, but it was actually quite easy aside from the “squeeze yourself into a tiny space” part. MD did most of the work while I held the flashlight, passed over tools, and pointed out that she had turned the water cut-off valve in the wrong direction. It wasn’t even all that heavy.