The cats are tolerating each other fairly well; there is still the occasional squabble, mostly because Fearless is a big fat bully sometimes. Still, Maggie is adjusting well. She has discovered that she likes to lick plates. A lot.

I mean a whole lot. It’s like she’s in the prison lunch hall and is protecting her stuff.

And then there was this.

Maggie is a string cat – she loves anything that remotely resembles string, yarn, or twine. When I take down my laundry lines, she is an eager “helper” and tries to take off with her prize. Last weekend I let her go and she dragged the line into the living room. She kept looking behind her and walking faster, like she was trying to get away from the rest of the rope. After winding her way around most of the furniture, she discovered that she couldn’t make the rope move any more.

It’s like there’s something heavy holding it down.