On Saturday MD and I took the old broken dishwasher to the recycling center rather that hauling it to the dump. It was my first trip to such a place and I was excited to see what was there.



I’m sure the process is similar in most places like this; the vehicle is weighed on a scale going in and then weighed again going out. The difference is what you dropped off.Ours was different in that the van was somehow heavier when we were leaving. No idea how that happened, we didn’t pick anything up. (Not that I didn’t want to, but they don’t let you wander around and poke the piles of sharp metal. Something about it being “dangerous” or something.) The guy finally gave us a ticket for fifty pounds even though the dishwasher probably only weighed about thirty-five or forty. Still, I got five bucks out of the trip. I do wish I could have poked around a bit, though. I was sad (and very badly had to pee due to an ill-timed cup of coffee) when we left.