I got this really good-smelling candle, you know the kind that comes in a little glass jar? I don’t need another little glass jar or glass or what have you, but hey – it’s a candle so it’s like getting the glass for free, right?

So I burned the candle and it smelled really good, even though it came from :whispers: the dollar store :stops whispering: and there was that film of wax in the glass. Since I didn’t want my juice or what have you to taste like candles, I decided to get the wax out.

And how did I decide to get the wax out? This would be the dumbass part.


I put it in the microwave.

:double sigh:

Yeah. Apparently candleholders, while able to withstand the awesome heat of a small, bare flame, explode into tiny shards when you put them in the microwave.

And now you know not to do that, so this is my public service for the week.