On Monday at around lunchtime one of the tellers came over to the boss’ office. She had seen a mouse run across to floor and into his doorway. There was a search of his office and nothing was found, so it was decided that an exterminator would be called if it was seen again.

Cut to several hours later when a small dot of gray fur zooms past my desk and into the lobby. It darted behind the furniture and then ran between my desk and the wall before zooming over to the teller side. I had it briefly cornered by the teller windows but was reluctant to just reach down and pick it up since I don’t enjoy rodent bites.

I asked one of the tellers to get me a cup from the back. When she asked why, I told her.

Dear sweet jeebus, you would have thought I told her there was a rabid honey badger in the place. Meanwhile, the mouse made a run for it and ducked under the balancing room door. There were several tellers back there, one standing on a chair while several others did that awkward neck-stretching thing where you want to see something but you also don’t want your body anywhere near it. I asked one of them to keep an eye on the thing and went to get a cup. It had hunkered down behind a desk that was close to the wall and was running back and forth trying to decide which way to go. I put the cup down close to the floor and it ran right in.

Boom – one mouse caught.

It was very tiny, about the size of my thumb, and very cute in its own mousy way. I took it to the boss to show him, which in hindsight is what a real cat would do when it catches a mouse, and he told me to take it outside and turn it loose in the vacant lot next door.

One of my coirkers told me the next day that when she opened up the branch the next morning, she peaked under the furniture to see if any unwanted visitors had snuck in during the night.