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I’m Not Touching You

Whenever I’m using my laptop, Fearless wants to “help” me by crawling between me and the screen. She’s very persistent.

I love you, now let me sleep on your keyboard.


Wall Crawler

Random Elephant


My zombie!

All mine!

This Blew My Mind

But it makes sense, in a way.

Lemme break it down for you – in the Harry Potter series there is the big prophesy regarding Harry and Voldemort;

either must die at the hand of the other

for neither can live while the other survives

In the book, this means that one will eventually have to kill the other. But on the ‘net there is another theory – what if the only way they can die is for the other to kill them? Harry cannot die unless Voldemort kills him, but if Voldemort is dead then Harry is effectively immortal. Sounds great for Harry, right? Except it’s revealed in the books that he would be reunited with his family after he dies – sort of a non-denominational version of Heaven -which is the one thing he’s always wanted but could never achieve. By giving up his death to defeat Voldemort’s evil, he will never be able to see his family or friends (past and present) ever again. It makes his nickname of The Boy Who Lived all that more profound.

Vintage Cosplay

She looks quite stylish and uncomfortable, which I’m lead to believe is how many women judge the suitability of their clothing.

Portrait of a young woman dressed as Boadecia or Mother England

Fabulous Hats

The one on the left doesn’t seem to be having much fun at all.

Mary Gullick, Zoe Gullick, Marjory Gullick, Chloe Gullick - outside Altoncourt, Killara? c.1909 from Gullick family, c.1909-1922 / photographed by William Applegate Gullick

This is Maggie.

Playing with a stuffed pirate zombie. Don’t you have one of those?

This is Maggie discovering a roll a wallpaper.

It’s pretty!

And this is Maggie licking a roll of wallpaper as if it were a lollipop.

Pretty AND tasty.

Something about this wallpaper is really attractive to Maggie, none of the other cats are interested in it but she will seek it out in no time.

Never Gonna Happen

I see these adorable photos of cats wearing little costumes and Think “Awww! That poor thing must be doped to the ears.” Because my little babies would never allow anyone to put clothes on them. I did have a cat growing up who would let me put a little doll dress on her and sit in my doll’s high chair, but only if food was involved. Once the treats ran out, there was a small window to get the dress off before she freaked.


And It Looks Like Rain, Too

A while ago the driver’s side window of my car stopped rolling down. I didn’t think too much of it since I could still roll the other windows down, and it made me stop going out for fast food since I’m lazy and don’t want to get out of the car for food. While on the way home from the grocery store, I thought to myself; “Self, it sure would suck if that window got stuck.”


Guess what? It did. Now my car has a ghetto-fabulous black plastic trash bag taped over the hole. It was too late when I got home to go anywhere so I’ll have to see if there is somewhere that can fix it – or at least get it rolled up so the car isn’t drenched – in the morning. I called my brother-in-law on the off-chance that he was still in town, he’s good with this kind of thing, but he wasn’t. I feel bad asking him anyway.