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I Went!

I can finally mark something off my bucket list – I’ve been to Dragon*Con!

Since my boss has this rule about taking the day off before and after a holiday, I had to work a half-day on the Friday before Labor Day before rushing home and loading up the car for the nearly eight hour drive. There was a showing of the Evil Dead trilogy starting at midnight that I desperately wanted to see, but I had to get my badge to get in and registration closed at ten. We pulled into the neighborhood at nine-fifty-three. My fearless driver Mother Dearest dropped me off at the corner since traffic was so heavy and I hurried to the hotel – everyone I asked said the same thing “It’s just down the hall but you’d better run.” So I did.

I am a terrible runner and by the time I reached the door I was panting and red-faced – I literally threw myself at the door as they were closing it and begged (while panting) for them to let me in. Apparently I looked pathetic enough that they let me in – I hugged everyone I could get my arms on; the door ladies, the actual volunteer who printed up my badge, and another con-goer who just happened to get there a couple of minutes before me. (I was very happy.)

After walking around and getting a bit lost because I was gawking at all the cosplayers, I found the Hyatt and had time before Evil Dead began, so I decided to stand in line for a session of the film festival. There was a showing of short horror films, all very good, and then I wandered down to the basement where they put the “main video room” and found a seat.

I am now of the opinion that the best way to see such movies as the Evil Dead series is in a dark room with a bunch of film geeks making snarky comments during the film. It was one of the best times I’ve ever had.

MD was supposed to pick me up after Army of Darkness but there was a bit of  … confusion regarding where I was supposed to be; I told her I was on Peachtree Street and she was on the the other side of the hotel on Peachtree Center Street. Words were said and I crossed through the hotel to the other side. The lobby, which had been packed at one AM, was nearly vacant three hours later and the roads were empty. We went back to the hotel to grab a few hours sleep before MD dropped me off back at the con later that day.

Tomorrow – Saturday!


Dragon My Feet

One of the things on my Bucket List is to attend a con. Luckily for me there’s one held not far (in a global sense, it’s about a seven hour drive) from me – a little thing called Dragon*Con.

I want to go, I’ve wanted to go for several years but have never had the nerve to do so or the funds to spare. I’ve crunched some numbers and I think I can manage it for a reasonable amount, if I stay at a hotel about fifteen minutes away from where the con is and watch my pennies.

I haven’t gotten up the nerve to ask for the time off, it’s a holiday weekend and my boss is usually very leery about letting people take those off.

Assuming I could swing the time off, should I do it? I don’t think I would know anyone there, but the chances are someone there would be willing to acknowledge my existence.

Bucket List Pt 1

Like a lot of people, I have a list of things I’d like to do before I die – A.K.A. my bucket list.

For the most part it’s pretty boring stuff, but they are things I’d really like to be able to accomplish. In no particular order, here are five things from my list.

  • See a baby moose

This one of those things that I’m not really sure why I want to do it. I’ve seen pictures and have access to National Geographic, so it’s not like I have no idea what a baby moose looks like. I’d just like to see one in person.

  • Pick an orange from a tree and eat it

The closest I’ve come to picking oranges was when I picked lemons off the Meyer lemon tree at my aunt and uncle’s house in California when I was a teenager. Given that Florida is much closer than California, I could probably pull this one off with a weekend road trip during the right time of year.

  • Knit a pair of socks

I’m about halfway to this one. I taught myself to knit and have made a few flat things, but I have yet to master knitting in the round.

  • See the sunrise in Sedona, AZ

I’ve seen pictures of the red rock formations in Sedona and, while I’ve flown over the state, the only time I’ve been in Arizona is when I visited the Hoover Dam and the bathrooms on the Nevada side were broken so I had to walk across to Arizona to pee. So that one’s still on my list.

  • Learn how to weld

It’s one of those things I wish I knew how to do but haven’t had time to learn yet. If I truly applied myself I could probably find a class somewhere nearby, but I just haven’t bother so far.

I’ve got other things on my list, but five seems like a good number for now. Most of these are things I could do if I applied myself hard enough, but I  just haven’t done so.