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Dream a Little Dream …

Saturday night/Sunday morning I had an odd dream.

I was pushing a library cart, with Simon riding along inside, across a bridge.This was the most normal part, since I often dream about my cats.

The library cart was a new twist, though.

This sort of thing, but with a cat on top.


About halfway across the bridge I decided to go to my sister’s house, for reasons that are no longer clear to me. I get to her house, only it’s not the house she lives in now. This was some giant two-story number with a big double staircase that would be better suited to Better Homes & Gardens.

And the entire house was full of toys.

Like this, but with stairs and fewer Marines.


And my brother in law was sitting on the stairs, trying to tell me the difference between an apple and a chocolate bar.

There's a difference?


Halfway through I started looking for a bathroom, which is when I woke up and ran for the real thing.

No more espresso before bed.


So here’s another dream I had the other day.

I’m driving along in the car with Mother Dearest and we pass a section of road with wide sandy shoulders. There are little turtles crawling across the sand, most heading away from the road but there is one that is heading straight towards the asphalt. We stop and I get out and turn the turtle around. It spins around and starts heading for the road again. I turn it around. It turns back towards the road. We do this several times before I pick the turtle up and get back in the car with it. We keep driving down the road, only now I have this tiny turtle in my arms. And suddenly it’s not a little turtle but a big turtle, with a furry shell. And then it’s not a turtle; it’s a cat that looks like a turtle. A green cat with fur that resembles a turtle shell and a head shaped kinda like a turtle’s, but with cat ears on top. When it purred  it sounded just like ocean waves.

Dream Weaver

I have odd dreams.

Please, try to control your shock.

I always have, it’s just my weird brain doing its thing. One of my favorites involves me winning the lottery. Fairly standard, right? But I dream about what I would do after I win. It seems I would get up and go to work like normal, but instead of working I just sit in the lobby all day playing on my computer and ordering pizza. Naked.

And then there’s the one about the circus where I’m in charge of shaving the elephants. That one’s pretty odd. All of my dreams are strange.

 Last night was no different. Here’s what occupied my mind last night.

I went to the Governor’s Mansion for dinner.  I  either can’t remember why or I never knew why, but there I was. The governer was Bedtime Bear, from the Care Bears, and he was married to Megan Fox. Again, this seemed perfectly normal. We sit down at this comically long table, like you see in the movies, with perhaps a hundred people sitting down to dinner. All the other people were in really nice clothes, I’m in my nightgown, and Bedtime Bear… well, he’s wearing fur of course.

This pompous fellow in a tux comes in, a butler straight from Central Casting, and announces dinner in a voice that sounds like Donald Duck. Servants wheel in these giant baskets and bowls, the size of grain silos or swimming pools. The diners are suppose to take one and past the rest. I start panicking because I think I’m going to get crushed by these massive containers, so I decide to go to the bathroom. I start wandering around this giagantic place, trying to find the one bathroom. Every single room I go into has someone sleeping in it. One room has suits of armor and hammocks had been strung between each of them, each one filled. The snoring was deafening.

I finally find the bathroom, which is actually a converted closet, and there is someone sleeping in there, too. It’s Bedtime Bear’s Uncle Bob.

And then I woke up.